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Soft Fiber Cushions (16″x16″, White) – Set of 5

  • High-quality polyester fiber: We have used the best quality polyester fiber and with high bulk to make it durable and the best set of cushions for our customers.
  • Soft and fluffy: The softest and fluffy set of fiber cushions, made with delicacy to provide luxury sleep and a relaxing feel.
  • Specifications: Material – Fiber, Size – 16″x16″, White colour
  • Hypoallergenic material: Made without any harmful chemical substance and safe to use, non-toxic, and odorless.
  • Packaging: These cushions are packaged and compressed, they can easily be regenerated and regain their shape after dabbing it a few times.


Our fiber cushions are firm from the core and super fluffy from outside, for a luxury living experience. Made from high-quality polyester fiber to create an extremely soft, fluffy, and durable set of cushions. These cushions are a perfect choice for you as they are comfortable and supports your back.

Our cushions are full and squishy, packed, and compressed and could be easily regenerated by few soft pats on it.

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