Pocket Spring

A pocket spring unit is made from individual pocket springs which consists of a spring enclosed in a non woven fabric. Each pocket spring works independently from each other by reacting to the pressure applied to that spring only and thus does not affect the movement of other pocket springs. Due to this, pocket springs are widely used for zero motion transfer. 

pocket spring 2

Benefits of Pocket Spring​

Zero transfer of motion

Since all the pocket springs react individually when pressure is applied to them, there is no transfer of motion across the springs. This ensures that a person sleeping on a pocket spring mattress does not get disturbed by the movement of his/her partner.

Full body support

Pocket springs contour to the shape of your body providing the complete support to the body especially the shoulders and back portion, making sure that you feel comfortable while sleeping. Pocket springs also help in reducing the strain from high pressures areas such as shoulders and back.

Pocket spring mattresses are considered more durable than bonnel spring and foam mattresses.

Types of Pocket Spring

standard pocket spring


3 zone pocket spring

3 Zone

5 zone pocket spring

5 Zone

Pocket Spring Cushion



Premium quality raw material
Tempered springs for durability and long life
Rigorous testing of springs to ensure best quality
Zero partner motion disturbance


Material – High carbon steel wire and virgin quality non woven fabric
Spring diameter – 57 mm to 70 mm
Pocket spring height – 90 mm to 200 mm
Custom sizes and configurations are available 
Compressed packing to save transportation cost and storage space

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