Importance of choosing the right mattress

Each person spends a third of their existence in bed, and a good rest depends much on their quality of life. Hence the importance of the right mattress, the place where one rests about eight hours each day. However, according to a research report, many people tend to despise the importance of this support and do not pay attention when buying one: half do not test it, and only one in ten will lay down ten minutes to check if the mattress suits them.

Another research report also states that we sleep for over  34% of our entire lives. This means, for example, that when we are 60 years old, we will have slept approximately 20 years. For this reason, it is very important to choose a good mattress for the recovery of our body and mind.

The body needs its daily dose of rest. The moment we go to bed, we are taking care that our body is recharged for the next day and it is at that moment in which the mattress plays an important role in our health.

What is the Importance of choosing the right mattress?

The advantages of sleeping in a good mattress and having a good rest are innumerable, but, if we have to choose some, these are the ones that we consider the most important:

1. Heart health and blood circulation

A mattress of adequate firmness relieves pressure on the body, allowing blood to circulate more easily. Good blood circulation reduces heart wear, transports more oxygen and nutrients through the body.

2. Greater energy and productivity during the day

Closely related to the previous point. Quality sleep on a good mattress allows the body to properly distribute the nutrients and energy where it is needed, so, when the day comes, we will be fully recovered, full of energy and highly productive.

3. Reduce stress

A good rest on a quality mattress helps release stress by having a beneficial effect on our overall health.

4. Waste disposal

The main elimination of cellular waste occurs during the hours of sleep. A mattress that provides a good quality of sleep favors this process and ensures it is carried out more efficiently.

5. Improves humor and personal relationships

Good humor is closely related to a good rest. When sleeping on a good mattress, we wake up with a renewed mood that will improve our personal relationships.

When a good mattress of quality is chosen, a deeper and more satisfactory rest is obtained, in addition, during sleep, our body rejuvenates and repairs itself.

6. Improved memory

A good rest on the right mattress helps our brain to organize the information obtained during that day, thus improving memory.

7. Regulates your weight

Sleeping the recommended hours on the right mattress may help you maintain your weight. On the contrary, loss of sleep due to the wrong mattress carries a greater risk of weight gain. Why? Part of the problem is behavior. If you are tired, you are less likely to have the energy to go running or cook a healthy dinner after work.

The other part is physiological. The hormone leptin usually plays a key role in making you feel satisfied. When you do not get enough sleep by using the wrong mattress, leptin levels decrease. Result: tired people are simply hungrier.

In conclusion, choosing the right mattress comes with many benefits, as highlighted above.

Importance of choosing the right mattress
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