Pocket Spring Mattress vs Bonnell Spring Mattress

Everyone knows that an invigorating night’s sleep acts as a holy medicine to replenish your energy and keep your physical and mental health up to date. If you want to ensure peaceful nights, you should always keep an eye on the mattress. After all, it will be with you every night for many years. If you have a preference for spring mattresses , it is important to know the difference between each model that the market offers. The most popular are pocket springs and Bonnell springs. In this article, we talk about Pocket Spring Mattress vs Bonnell Spring Mattress.

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Pocket Spring
Bonnell Spring

Which one fits your body the most? Know the advantages of each mattress springs!

The pocket spring mattress

A pocket spring mattress belongs to the family spring mattress. The typical characteristics offer the interested persons different advantages and an optimal sleeping environment.

Distinctive features

Inside the pocket spring mattress are many so-called bags made of cloth. Because countless small springs are individually sewn by the manufacturer in small cloth bags to allow a comfortable suspension. In this special kind of mattress, metal springs are installed in the form of a cylinder. The steel springs are not connected to each other in contrast to the conventional spring mattress or other variants. Rather, it is precisely the flexible freedom of movement of the individual steel springs that make these mattresses something special. Because of the distinctive feature, the freedom of movement within the fabric bag, ensures a high level of comfort.

The advantages

Consequently, people benefit a lot from buying a pocket spring mattress. On the one hand, there is an optimal ventilation, as between the individual springs made of steel and the fabric is relatively much space. As a result, the air can circulate particularly well. Mold and mites do not have a good chance to thrive in a pocket spring mattress and therefore, an appealing hygiene is thus ensured. In addition, the surface feels rather cool when lying down as well.

Due to the separate and flexible arrangement of steel springs, the pocket spring mattresses have a high point elasticity. Another advantage is the low noise compared to other types.

The Bonell spring mattress

The Bonell spring mattress is an alternative to the model with pocket spring core. The model differs by the construction of the pocket spring mattress. This construction also results in different advantages.

Distinctive features

Characteristic for a product with the Bonell spring mattress are the connection of the individual springs by wires. This distinguishes the Bonell primarily when compared to the pocket spring core. The pressure is distributed by the construction on a larger area, and these models are therefore area elastic.

 The advantages

Of course, the Bonell spring mattress also offers several advantages. The suspension creates a pleasant feeling of lying. The bed is soft and comfortable too. In addition, the entire bed springs are much stronger, as the so-called “swinging” during movements ensures even greater comfort.

 In all, both models offer great advantages; So everyone has to decide for themselves which mattress is the right one. To facilitate this decision, there are some guidelines. If you like to sink into your bed in the evening and want a soft undersurface, you are well served by a model with Bonell spring core. Because these mattresses allow a soft and comfortable lying.

However, this model is not suitable for all persons  who weighs more than 100 kilograms or already has back problems. As a result, such persons should better choose a better alternative such as the pocket spring mattress . Otherwise, long-term complaints with the back are almost inevitable.

For people with back problems, the pocket spring mattress is the better choice. Due to the point elasticity, the spine is well supported, so that the back is spared during the night. In addition, of course, people without any complaints can opt for such a mattress. Those who prefer to sleep soundly and do not want to sink too far are well served with the variant with pocket spring core. In addition, people who sweat a lot during the night should preferentially choose a pocket spring mattress. On the one hand, the air circulation ensures sufficient hygiene, while on the other hand, the bed with pocket spring core feels rather more cool when compared to the Bonnell spring mattress.



Pocket Spring Mattress vs Bonnell Spring Mattress
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